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     I will certainly be using their cleaning crew again and wouldn't hesitate in recommending Carpet Cleaning Services Hendon to others.
Helen E19/05/2020
     Look no further! This cleaning service is the very best!
Naomi Joseph20/09/2019
     I was thrilled with the home clean done by Hendon Carpet Cleaning. I was fed up with the weekly housework due to a busy workload and had heard good reports about this company so decided to hire them. I was amazed at what a great job their cleaners did. They really got stuck in and cleaned all over not missing anything. The cleaners were lovely and polite and really provided a good service, so much so I am continuing to hire them on a weekly basis.
R. Henderson13/01/2016
     The two cleaners from HendonCarpetCleaners saved the day yesterday after we threw a lavish work party! They came into the office early on Saturday morning, and cleared up after our festivities. They not only dusted, vacuumed and cleaned the entire kitchen, but they also managed to tackle a few wine stains on the office carpeted floor! This meant that I could have a lie in and didn't have to rush into work at the weekend! Thank you so much - you'll be remembered as a true lifesaver!
     I started to stress a great deal towards the end of my tenancy and there were some paint stains on the carpet I just couldn't get out. Rather than continue to get nowhere on the stains - which I worried may be permanent - I called HendonCarpetCleaners, you sent someone along the next day and completely sorted it out! I was amazed by how quickly the cleaner was able to remove the stains and also how long I had struggled to do a job that they made look really easy! Thank you so much for getting me out of a tight situation! The price was also very reasonable!
     One off cleaning is something that HendonCarpetCleaners clearly specialise in. We contacted them because we wanted our parents' old house cleaned before we could sell it. The place had rested untouched for years and so was a minefield of dust and dirt. They restored the place to its former glories at a great price. My sister and I were so impressed as it looked exactly like it did when we were children. It brought back so many happy memories. The cleaners were respectful, polite and understanding and they did the best, most professional job imaginable. What a great crew!
     One of my biggest worries about going back to work after giving birth four months ago was returning home from work, exhausted and worrying about what state the flat would be in when I got in. Whilst I was only working part time, I still wanted to spend as much time as I could with my beautiful daughter, and that was where HendonCarpetCleaners came in. Now I can have my cake and eat it - quality time with my child, and a beautiful clean home that I love even more!
Caitlin T.04/09/2014
     I was becoming concerned with the amount of dirt building up, and I was unsure of how to deal with it. HendonCarpetCleaners sure did though. They sent over a cleaner the very next day, and boy did they get the job done. They used heavy duty cleaning products to get my home looking spotless in no time. Their services are cheap, dependable and did not judge. I was embarrassed at first, but took the plunge anyway and as it turned out, I had no reason to be! I would recommend them to anyone, and will definitely be hiring again!
Peter K.21/08/2014
     I was a busy career person and needed some domestic help in my home. My sister had suggested I call HendonCarpetCleaners because she had sued them and was very satisfied with their work. I called and booked a meeting to obtain a quote and discuss the work I wanted. The staff was friendly and helpful from my first contact, and seemed to know what I would want. I booked a regular weekly home cleaning service to help me get on top of the housework. The work the cleaners did was wonderful and the house looked great when they had finished. I thought it was money well spent.
Shirley Vallery24/07/2014
     Ever since HendonCarpetCleaners came round to clean my carpets, the whole house has been so fresh and clean. I was unsure that cleaning the carpets would really make that much of a difference, but the change has been massive. We've got a few cats, so there's always the possibility of cat hair and paw prints around the house. Thankfully, the experts made short work of this and has really made a big difference when it comes to making sure that our home is cleaned in the best possible fashion. If you're looking for some great help, call them.
Frank James04/06/2014
     When I went to visit my parents last month they had a company in their home called HendonCarpetCleaners which they had hired to steam clean their sofas, as I observed what they were doing I was incredibly impressed with the results of their work, so much so I booked them to come do mine. Wow my sofa looks brand new again, it smells incredibly fresh and the colours and shades on the fabric really stand out again, just as it looked when I first purchased it. I'll be sure to hire them again in the future; I may get my carpets done next time too.
Immy L.08/05/2014
     If you need a cleaning company that can get your domestic cleaning done for a decent price, then try giving HendonCarpetCleaners a call. They have been doing my housework for a few years, and I even took them with me when I moved house! The new place is a little further away than the old one, but they still come and help me out, and have not increased their prices at all! I have always been dead chuffed with both the cleaning that they do, and the prices that they charge. You know that you have a good company on your hands when you feel like you are underpaying them, so get in touch right away!
Keith Jones07/01/2014

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